The SNOW CLOUD team has worked with us very diligently on creating our own equipment inspection process, which has helped immensely. The result is connectivity that bridges initiatives, resources, business units, teams, I like the customizable parameters that we can put on the actual inspection, and the mobility saves us a lot of time; our sales reps can quickly and easily capture information from the farm and send it back to headquarters. The information that we’re getting back is clear and concise, the process is easy and straightforward, and it’s all tracked.

–Casey Gibbs, Used Agriculture Equipment Manager at Butler Machinery

Before we switched over to using SNOW CLOUD workflow management processes, we missed a lot of sales opportunities over the years. It has streamlined our internal operations so that our parts and service departments communicate with our accounting department

–Jon Wickline, Director of Marketing and Advertising at Southeastern Equipment

In the past, we had forms and checklists and everything was on paper, so you had to scan it in, and it just wasn’t professional. With SNOW CLOUD, I can give the customer a detailed inspection report with a breakdown of specifics on things like the hydraulics, the transmission, and the cab It’s a lot more professional and a lot more detailed. Ultimately, the system gives me more time to knock out other things and still keeps everything in an organized format so that, when I need to go back and reference anything, it’s right there. For the growing company that we are, SNOW CLOUD is an invaluable tool!

–Ryan Sebero of Alta Equipment Company

It took me about five minutes to show my staff how to use the system. It has pretty much eliminated our paper trail. What used to take days and lots of phone calls is now done in a matter of minutes. You have to keep up with the changing technology in any industry, and if you don’t have the resources that can be a headache. For us, we couldn’t do anywhere near the business we do if we didn’t have the technology and the systems we’ve put into place with SNOW CLOUD.

–Brian Wilkinson of Arts Used Parts

Once we input data on trade-in equipment, we push that data through a process to evaluate it with our used equipment evaluator, and then move the equipment information to sales reps and to store managers. Once the information is in the system, it’s very easy to move through workflow processes, as well as service departments and sales staff. We can even put it on our website and advertise it to the public. It’s all very simple. And it’s definitely increased the intensity of the salesforce. In the past, a salesperson taking something in on trade had a period of time, usually a week or two weeks, before that piece became public when they would try and market the equipment. Now, they understand that it’s visible to everyone, so if they want to market it, they better act quickly.

–Carl Beauregard of Beauregard Equipment, Inc.

With SNOW CLOUD, we’ve basically taken our standard processes and the forms and documents we’re used for years, and put them into an electronic workflow program. On our end, the new processes are relatively similar to what our sales guys and management have been using for years, but instead of handwriting these tasks on paper, they’re part of an organized system that ensures that we’re not missing things anymore.

–Daniel Hahn, Used Equipment Manager at Arnold Machinery Company

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