How It Works

Integrated Workflow Management - SNOW CLOUD workflow management offers workflow process design and management tools that facilitate timeline, resource, and communications management to leverage employees’ skill sets, experience, and knowledge. Practical process management tools are designed for tasks as simple as requesting vacation time, and as complex as launching new business units.

  • Integrated business planning aligns operations with strategy so projects are planned and executed efficiently.
  • Streamline simple and complex initiatives using integrated business applications that function across teams, departments, business units, and multinational organizations.
  • Connectivity leads to better resource management and oversight.
  • Access resources and information anywhere through a user-friendly, web-based system that brings everything together.

Better business process management is here, and your bottom line depends on it.

How it Works

Start Process
A workflow process begins when a user launches a task order for accomplishing a specific objective.
Process Steps
From there, the system routes the process through a number of steps. At each step, the task is assigned to the employee designated to accomplish it.
Next Process Step
Once a task is complete, it is moved to the next employee in the process.
Finish process
When the project is completed, it is cataloged for future reference to keep projects organized and accountable.
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